Thursday, February 19, 2015

Abortion in America

Here's my comment on an anti-abortion article from the ABC Religion and Ethics site.

The high temperature debate in the United States is not a good test bed for consideration of this issue in Australia, where opinions are likely to be more mellow.

But if I pretend to be American, I'd say the author is not taking any middle ground, and seems himself to be at one of the poles:  the pole where people gather and say "ban abortion".  Likewise the claim that opinion is shifting in that direction seems a bit premature. We'll see about that when it comes to the debates, the rulings in the supreme court, the mass rallies, the social media campaigns, the celebrity endorsements, the Hillary Clinton candidacy etc. etc..

My preferred middle ground is to take the prohibition threat out of the debate, then set about reducing the number of abortions by other means. Making contraception free and increasing resources for sex education would be good. I am glad to see equality in the workplace is already on the table in Mr Camosy's vision.

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