Saturday, February 7, 2015

In defence of 1968

In the article The Message and the Medium: The People of God as Agents of Evangelisation, Tracey Rowland discussed the attitudes of the generation which took part in the 1968 protests. I am a big fan of sixties culture, and 1968 is a pretty special year. The influence of the situationists on punk rock, as well as the rise of Krautrock, not to mention the general spirit of protest and progress the sixties represents, is something I am passionate about. So I just HAD to comment on this article. But my comment seemed to disappear into the ether. So here it is.

I was only five, but somehow 1968 seemed to seep into my consciousness. After two world wars, a depression, a holocaust and signs of worse to come, no wonder there was an intergenerational uprising against the elders who had presided over such horrors. How inspiring that the popular culture of the 1960s was shaping an alternative.
While it was all going on, I was sitting in classrooms listening to nuns and priests attempting to drill unbelievable dogma into my brain... there's only one god, but there's also three. The wafer doesn't just represent the body of Christ, it actually IS the physical flesh.
Now I read that such nonsense is indispensable for Catholics trying to explain, among other things, why only men are allowed to become priests.  It just makes me even happier to have been in my own small way a member of the 1968 generation, and it reinforces the need for the best aspects of that liberating period to continue.
The author also displays woeful ignorance of genetics and natural selection in relation to materialism, to reduce it to "the drama of the survival of the fittest."

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