Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pope Francis wants to punch me in the face

I submitted this comment in response to the article titled "The Only Road to Freedom: Martin Luther King Jr and Nonviolence". I wonder if it was rejected because I painted a word picture of being punched in the face by Pope Francis.

I wonder what Martin Luther King would have made of Pope Francis' comment, that someone who causes insult "can expect a punch?" I thought he was a nice Pope, but every time I see him now I can't help imagining his pontifical fist slamming into my face.

I thought Hitchens took it right to the edge in his arguments about MLK, who clearly was a Christian. Sam Harris also discusses this issue, tracing the idea of non-violence to Jainism and not Christianity. I read this article by Mr Hauerwas looking for strong evidence to the contrary, but it seemed to be telling a similar story to that told by Harris and Hitchens.

Somehow Martin Luther King managed to find that narrow path to reconciliation. We need that kind of ability today, with so many punches flying around.

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