Thursday, February 5, 2015

Urging the young to abandon religion

I posted a comment on the article "Ramadan has Ended, but the Struggle for Emancipation Continues". I suspect my attempts to encourage young Muslims to become apostates was deemed inappropriate, and the moderator did not allow it to appear. But here it is...

I remember as a child being surrounded by religious tradition. For me the greatest expression of freedom was to defy the requirements of religion. It was breaking the rules and breaking away which made me a complete person. My own experience is the opposite of what the author of this article says. For me, freedom of conscience and freedom of worship (or the freedom to choose NOT to worship) was established by defying the requirements of the religion. I have seen pictures from Iran of people being punished (including flogging) for eating during Ramadan. I am sure that in most places, including Australia the consequences are less severe. But I still like to think there are plenty of independent-minded young Muslims  expressing themselves by sneaking as much food and drink as they can during Ramadan. How exciting it sounds! For those young rebels, like all young people breaking away from religion, I am cheering.

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